Summer Fun for Retrievers

The summer has arrived! Clean up the yard, fire up the barbeque pit, invite family and friends over and plan outdoor fun with your dog. Summer is the perfect time of year to get out of the house, breathe some fresh air and invite your sweet companion along for the adventure. There are a variety of fun activities that your Retriever will love to participate in all summer long.

  • Summer Drills – Retrievers are known for their keen duck hunting skills. Allow your dog to practice drills during summer. Even though it is the off season, it will allow your dog to gain experience and enjoy bonding time with you.
  • Swimming – You can either choose to join your dog in the water at the pool, lake and beach or you can allow your dog to cool off and exercise by throwing sticks, toys or balls into the water for your dog to retrieve. Your dog will enjoy cooling off, swimming, running into the water and splashing around on a hot summer day.
  • Hiking – Many dog owners have kept their Retriever cooped up inside during the harsh winter weather. Summer is a perfect time to take your dog hiking. It will allow your dog to get much needed exercise, captivate his or her mind with new surroundings and enjoy bonding time with you.
  • Sprinklers – If you don’t live near a water source that allows swimming, you can turn your yard into a mini water park for your dog. If you already have a sprinkler system set up just turn them on and encourage your dog to run around and play in the water. If you don’t have a sprinkler system, you can purchase a sprinkler that attaches to a water hose. Set the sprinkler in your yard, turn on the hose and watch your dog run, jump, splash around and play in the water. This is also a child-friendly activity that is fun for the entire family.
  • Kiddie Pools – Cooling off during the summer heat is important for dogs. Providing a kiddie pool filled with refreshing water and some waterproof dog toys is a great way for your dog to play and cool off.
  • Camping – Retrievers love being part of the family. Enjoy a weekend camping trip and bring your pooch along. You can play outdoor games such as fetch and Frisbee with your dog to pass the time. It also allows your dog to be closer to nature and breathe fresh air.

Enjoy these fun summer activities and many more with your Retriever this summer. Remember not to overdo it, provide plenty of fresh water, avoid the hottest part of the day and supervise all activities. Retrievers are known to be strong swimmers. However, not all retrievers find it easy during certain times in their life. If your Retriever has difficulty swimming but seems to enjoy the water, provide him or her with a life jacket. This will keep him or her safe during water related activities. Make your dog’s summer the best by allowing him or her to participate in a variety of activities.

Photo credit: Daniel Easton/Flickr

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