Socializing Your Retriever

You just brought your Retriever pup home and now you want to make him or her as comfortable as possible. You will begin obedience training right away, plus you will want to introduce socialization too. Socializing your Retriever is important for him or her to live a positive and healthy lifestyle. You don’t want your pup being afraid of their surroundings or people throughout their entire lifetime. Begin socializing your Retriever as soon as they arrive at your home.

  • Introductions – First introduce yourself and your immediate family that lives in your home to your pup. Allow them to sniff your hands and toes and get use to his or her new family. Next, you will want to introduce your pup to their new environment, your home and yard. Allow your pup to roam around exploring your home and yard.
  • Extended Family and Friends – Once your Retriever pup has become familiar with you, your family and your home, introduce him or her to your extended family and friends. Invite your loved ones over to meet your pup and new family member. Allow them to play toys and hold him or her.
  • Environmental Surroundings – Allow your pup to discover his or her new neighborhood. Whether you live in a home or an apartment you will be bringing your pup outdoors for walks and playtime. Your pup will gradually become familiar with the sounds within your neighborhood. You may live in a quiet area that has children playing and other dogs barking. Or, you may live in a busy city that has honking horns, loud buses and busy streets. Either way, you will want your pup to become comfortable with environmental surroundings. You will achieve this by exposing them to the outdoors on a daily basis.
  • Meeting other Dogs and Animals – If you have other pets in your household you will want to introduce your Retriever to them as soon as possible. Always observe the introduction and never leave your pup alone with your other pets until you are sure they get along well together. Your other pets may not be welcoming to an energetic ball of fur so quickly. If you have friends that have dogs you may want to set up play dates for them to meet. This will allow your dog to play with other dogs in his or her home environment. Once you see that your pup is comfortable with other dogs, you can venture out to the dog park. Keep a close eye on your pup at the dog park since other dogs may be highly energetic and play rough with your pup.

Socializing your pup is easy and involves you encouraging exposure to a variety of sights, sounds, places, voices, people, animals and other dogs. It is highly important to bring your dog to certain places on a daily basis that will be a regular part of your life. For example, if you plan to bring your dog with you to an outdoor café a few times a week, you will want to begin this adventure as a young pup. Begin socializing your Retriever today so he or she can live a happy and fulfilled lifestyle.

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