Preparing to Bring Home Your Retriever Pup

Preparing to Bring Home Your Retriever PupCongratulations! You are becoming a pet parent to an adorable Retriever that will depend on you to care for them and provide them with all of their needs. While this may seem overwhelming it is also one of the most rewarding experiences pet owners receive. Before you panic, try your best to take a deep breath and prepare to bring your pup home. The following details will guide you towards successfully preparing for the arrival of your Retriever pup.

  • Choose a Veterinarian – You will most-likely be visiting the veterinarian within the first two weeks of your Retrievers arrival. This is to get a check-up, prepare a vaccination schedule and discuss any health issues your pup may be experiencing. Choose a veterinarian that is in your community that makes it quick and easy to reach in case of emergency situations.
  • Purchase Food and Treats – As a dog owner you will want to choose to provide your Retriever with a healthy diet for his or her size and age. You will also want to have delicious treats handy.
  • Purchase a Crate – All dogs are den animals and your Retriever enjoys feeling safe. A crate acts as a den and will provide your Retriever with much needed feelings of security and safety.
  • Choose a Bed – Purchase a soft bed large enough for your Retriever to fit into comfortably. You can also choose to add a soft blanket for him or her to cuddle up with and sleep.
  • Provide lots of Toys – Toys may not seem like an essential for dogs, but the truth is, they are a necessity. Toys keep your pup’s mind occupied, intrigued, captivated and allows them to be playful. Soft toys can also act as a security blanket and a cuddle object that can ease stress and anxiety in your pup.
  • Purchase a Collar, Identity Tag and Leash – Choose a collar that is comfortable for your Retriever. You have options such as harnesses or standard neck collars. You will also want to have an identity tag created with the name of your pup, your phone number and address. This will be beneficial if your Retriever gets lost and can’t find his or her way back home. Choose a leash that will fit comfortably in your hand and allow your Retriever to walk side-by-side with you.
  • Puppy Proof Your Home – This is an essential step to keeping your Retriever safe and healthy. You will want to remove any objects in your home, yard or car that your pup can choke on or can be toxic. Remove any toxic plants from your living space and yard. You can replace them with dog friendly plants, trees and bushes.

Now that you are all prepared for the arrival of your Retriever pup, keep in mind that you will have to begin training him or her the moment they arrive. This is important because you immediately need to show that you are the pack leader at their new home. Luckily, Retrievers are one of the smartest dog breeds in the world and are obedient. Welcome your Retriever to a safe, healthy, happy home today!

Photo credit: Thierry Marysael/Flickr

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