Is a Retriever the Right Dog for You?

Is a Retriever the Right Dog for YouYou may have just looked into the soulful brown eyes of a Retriever and immediately known he or she is the dog for you. While this instinct is most-likely right, you still should consider if a Retriever is the right dog for you. This will help you feel confident in your choice as well as assure you that you can provide a safe, healthy environment and lifestyle for a Retriever.

  • Veterinary Care – Providing regular veterinarian care for your Retriever includes costs for office visits, vaccinations, necessary tests, emergency care, medicine and other costs throughout his or her lifetime. There is the opportunity to purchase pet health insurance and some veterinarian offices offer payment plans, but either way you still have to be capable of affording yearly veterinarian bills throughout the entire lifetime of your Retriever.
  • Food – Retrievers might be soft, furry pups when you first get him or her home, but within three years they are a medium-sized adult dog that requires a good amount of food on a daily basis. Feeding one Retriever per year can cost up to $400 depending on the type of brand and food you choose.
  • Necessities – Your Retriever will need dishes, toys, bedding, crates, collars, leashes, brushes and much more throughout their lifetime. These essentials for living a good life will become costly over the years.
  • Regular Grooming – Retrievers have beautiful coats that need attention on a regular basis. You will need to brush your Retriever at least every other day. In addition, you may have to visit a groomer every six to eight weeks for nail trimming, ear cleaning and more.
  • Exercise – Retrievers are energetic and have enthusiasm for life. To keep your dog healthy you will need to dedicate at least one hour a day to exercising your dog. This can be broken into 20 to 30 minute increments too. You will also need to have the energy to exercise and walk this amount of time on a daily basis. If you are not physically able to keep up with the exercise demands, you will want to at least have a fenced in yard for your Retriever to run around in to keep him or her healthy.
  • Shedding – If you are a person that is more comfortable with a well kept home than a lived-in look, you may want to reconsider getting a Retriever. First, as Retrievers grow up they go through stages of chewing on objects. While every pet parent hopes it is their toys they desire the most, it is common for Retrievers to chew on furniture, shoes and other objects. Also, Retrievers shed hair all year long. There are times of the year when the shedding increases as they lose their winter coat. This means you will have hair sporadically located throughout your home on a regular basis, no matter how much you vacuum and clean.

Now that you have learned more about Retrievers, you can make a good decision if the breed is the right one for you. Remember to take into consideration all of the needs that are required to be a pet parent. If you spend most of your time away from home and at work, you may not be ready to be a pet parent. However, if you always have family members at home that enjoy caring for a Retriever and are seeking a rewarding bond with a dog, a Retriever might be the best choice for you.

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