How to Find a Reputable Retriever Breeder

retriever-puppyIt’s official, you have made your final decision to welcome a Retriever into your family and your home. The moment has arrived that you are beginning your journey of finding a reputable breeder. Finding a responsible breeder that has healthy dogs available can be a long task. The tips below will help you find a healthy, happy Retriever pup from a reputable Retriever breeder.

  • Ask Friends and Family – Begin your search by asking those closest to you if they can recommend a reputable breeder that is trustworthy. Ask family members, close friends, co-workers and local veterinarian office staff. There’s a possibility that someone may have an excellent referral for you.
  • Search Your Community – Search within your community by going online to your local community website. You can also broaden your search to surrounding communities. You will be searching for dog breeders that have Retrievers available.
  • Contact the Breeder – Speak to the breeder of the telephone to see if they have Retriever pups available. If they do, set up a day and time to meet with them. If you have a variety of Retriever breeders in your area to choose from you can set an appointment with each one.
  • Keep Your Appointment – When you arrive you will want to focus and observe the area where the pups live. Responsible breeders provide a clean environment and easy access to fresh water and food. They also exhibit caring emotions towards the pups. If you meet a breeder that has more than two litters available at one time, chances are it is a puppy mill. If this is the case remove yourself from the facility immediately.
  • Interview the Breeder – When you meet the breeder ask for references from previous customers. Also take the time to get to know the breeder, ask why they enjoy breeding Retrievers, their interest in the breed, if they can provide medical documents from a veterinarian for the pup. Also discuss if there are any known health issues with the parents of the litter.

Remember that reputable breeders do not hand over a pup to the first person that gives them money. Responsible breeders take their time interviewing you and getting to know more about where you live and the type of lifestyle you are going to provide for the pup. They will ask questions that will help them get a clear picture if you will be a responsible Retriever dog owner. They also have the right to deny you a pup if they feel you are not suitable for a Retriever.

While the process may seem lengthy and even bothersome, especially since you are eager to hold your Retriever pup in your arms and take him or her home, it is essential to endure when dealing with a reputable Retriever breeder. To make things easier you may want educate yourself on the breed, learn the requirements they need to live a happy, healthy life and express your desire to become a pet parent to a Retriever. This will help the breeder understand you are responsible as a pet owner. Find a reputable Retriever breeder today and bring your pup home!

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