Essentials for Traveling with Your Retriever

Essentials for Traveling with Your RetrieverTraveling with your Retriever can be stressful and sap their mental and physical energy. Retrievers enjoy living a routine life and when a trip comes along, even if it is to their favorite camp ground, it can cause anxiety. To make your travel experience more enjoyable and lessen stress, you will want to be prepared with essentials that will keep your Retriever safe and happy.

  • Favorite Items – Does your Retriever have a favorite toy, blanket or object they enjoy cuddling up with? Bring it along on your trip. This will provide your dog with something familiar and help him to feel more comfortable.
  • Travel Kennel – A travel kennel should be spacious enough for your Retriever to stand up and turn around easily. Place a mat or blanket and some favorite toys in the kennel with your Retriever. The kennel can be secured in the back seat and is a safe way to allow your dog to travel in the car. The kennel will also come in handy at hotels, lodges, plus relatives and friends homes. Since dogs are den animals it also provides a sense of security for your Retriever.
  • Food and Water – Bring your Retrievers current brand of dog food in dry and wet formula. Also bring along your dog’s favorite treats. Make sure you have enough food packed to last the entire trip plus an addition two days in case of delays. Bring along fresh bottled water too. You can choose to bring along your Retrievers regular food and water bowls or purchase travel size and portable dishes.
  • Medication and First-Aid Kit – If your dog takes medication on a regular basis you will want to bring it along on the trip. Remember to have prescriptions refilled and make sure the medication amount is capable of lasting throughout the entire trip and afterwards. Pack a canine first-aid kit and make sure it has hydrogen peroxide, tweezers, scissors, medical tape, gauze wrap and any other item you feel is necessary for your specific dog.
  • Emergency Contact Information – Before leaving your home, program your travel destinations local animal hospital and veterinarian offices phone numbers and addresses in your cell phone. Or, write down the details on a piece of paper and keep it close by during your trip.
  • Collar, Tags and Leash – Most destinations such as campgrounds, hotels, lodges and other locations require dogs to be on a leash in public areas at all times. Bring along a leash and collar that is comfortable for your Retriever. Also link identity tags with your dog’s name, your phone number, address and medical conditions on the color. If your dog gets lost it will help with a safe and quick return.

Always keep in mind that traveling may seem fun, but if your dog is not use to riding in a car for extended periods of time they may become anxious and nervous. When taking a road trip, schedule stops and breaks to allow your Retriever to get out of his travel kennel and walk around to stretch his or her legs. Also provide fresh water at all times to avoid dehydration. Enjoy traveling with your Retriever and remember to bring these important travel essentials along on your trip.

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