10 Cool Facts about Retrievers

Retrievers are sweet, kind, loving family dogs and companions that bring joy every day to the lives of dog owners. If a Retriever is already part of your family or you are thinking of welcoming one into your life soon, there are some cool facts that everyone should know about Retrievers. Enjoy learning more about Retrievers and welcome one into your life today.

1- There are a Variety of Retrievers – Retrievers are in the gundog grouping and have a keen ability to work alongside game hunters. They have a lively manner, highly enthusiastic, high aptitude for training and extremely obedient. There are a variety of Retrievers including the Chesapeake Bay, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling, Flat Coated, Curly Coated, Golden and Labrador Retriever.

2- Their Lifespan has a Long Range – A good healthy diet, plenty of exercise and a loving dog owner helps Retrievers live a lifespan that reaches between 10 to 12 years of age. There have been times that they have lived a few years more and reaching 14 years.

3- They are Working Dogs – While they make excellent game hunting companions they are more commonly known for their compassion and intelligence that makes them excellent guide, search and rescue and therapy workers.

4- They Love Children – When socialized early Retrievers have the ability to become best friends with children. They will happily and energetically play alongside kids and later nap beside them. They are gentle and caring towards children.

5- They are One of the Smartest Dog Breeds – Retrievers are highly intelligent and easy to train. Dog owners can teach obedience and agility training with ease. Since Retrievers have superior intelligence they are also known to be creative when escaping a fenced in yard.

6- They have an Excellent Sense of Smell – They have an extremely powerful sense of smell that is commonly used to seek out game in the field during hunting season. Due to their keen sense of smell police departments and the military often assign them to work side-by-side with personnel as search-and-rescue dogs and bomb sniffers.

7- They are Paid Actors – Due to their high intelligence they are easily trainable as actors. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, Retrievers appeared in popular television sitcoms as well as movies. Their kind, gentle appearance and well behaved manners caused them to be in high demand for television and movie studios.

8- They Love to Swim – Since Retrievers were bred to work as game hunting dogs, they naturally enjoy swimming in water. Often times game will fall into water and the Retriever has to swim to reach the object. As a family dog, owners can enjoy swimming alongside their Retriever in the pool, lake or ocean.

9- They Can Become Watchdogs – Although Retrievers are known today as a family dog, they are also very loyal to their owner and can be trained to be a guard dog.

10- They Shed All Year – Retrievers have a beautiful coat that sheds all year long. This means owners will need to brush and groom their dog on a regular basis to remove excess hair.

Now that you have learned these cool facts about Retrievers, you most-likely have fallen in love with the breed even more than you did before. These sweet, kind, gentle dogs have an energetic personality and enjoy being part of a family. They are loyal, obedient and wonderful companions. If you don’t already own a Retriever, make today the day you welcome one into your life and family.

Photo credit: Toshihiro Gamo/Flickr

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